Electrochemical Interfaces for Energy Storage and Sustainable Chemical Synthesis

We have a postdoc opening focused on the fundamental understanding of CO2 reduction electrocatalysis and organic electrocatalysis! Send your CV and cover letter to

Electrocatalysis allows us to interconvert electrical and chemical energy. But how do these transformations take place? And how can we extend their scope away from the conversion of small inorganic molecules towards other industrially relevant transformations? To answer these questions, our group elucidates the elementary processes that take place at electrochemical interfaces. Specifically, we ask ourselves: How does an electric field drive chemical conversion? At which point in a catalytic cycle is energy transferred? And how?

Since most existing chemical processes rely on hydrocarbons as feedstocks and energy carriers, we employ our understanding of electrochemical interfaces towards developing the science for converting hydrocarbons using electrical energy. In doing so, we open new avenues for the storage of renewable electricity and enable the electrification of the chemical industry.

We keep our sight on the broader move towards sustainable and green chemical reactivity and the increasing importance of electrons as a key energy carrier. As such, we take an inherently interdisciplinary approach to our research problems


We built a synthesizer that creates music from the oscillation of ions at electrochemical interfaces! Have a look at our paper in ACS Central Science!⚡ and look at the Highlight in C&EN
New perspective in ACS Nano on adsorption in electrocatalysis. Congratulations Christine!⚡
Congratulations to Meg Kelly for winning the best poster award at the Catalysis Club of Chicago Young Scientist Symposium and to Alex Zielinski for the 4th poster prize!! 🎉⚡
Welcome to the group Hedam, Geunryeol, and Gyunho!🎉⚡️
New publication in JACS on fascinating temperature effects in the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in presence of imidazolium cations.
New publication on determining the chemical identity of methane adsorbed to Pt surfaces.
New perspective article in ACS Energy Letters on the role of microenvironments in electrocatalysis.
What a nice JACS cover!
Have a look at our new paper in JACS! We use real-time changes in electrochemical potentials⚡️ to electrochemically adsorb, break the C-C bond in ethane while it is bound to the electrode surface and desorb methane as a product. Bravo to the group for this fascinating work!👏
Three of our undergraduates are moving forward! Rung is going to MIT, Jina is joining the University of Michigan and Charlotte is going to Columbia University! All the best of luck!⚡️
Congratulations to graduate student Meg Kelly and undergrad Rung Shih for receiving the NSF GRFP award!😀👏🎉 Next gen electrochemists!⚡️
Congratulations to our former undergraduates for selecting their PhD research groups! Bill Yan joins Suljo Linic (University of Michigan) and Taobo Wang joins Michael Aziz (Harvard University).🎉🎉
We welcome Seonmyeong Noh and Quintin Blad to our group as first-year graduate students!🎉🎉
Honored to be awarded the Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering!🎉🎉 See the announcement on the UW-Madison website.
We receive the Beckman Young Investigator Award!🎉🎉 Bravo to all group members for their creative and innovative work! See the announcement on the website of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.
🎉🎉 Our group received a grant from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund! 🎉🎉 Great job team!
Rung is crushing it on undergraduate awards! She wins the Hilldale Fellowship and the Eleanor Firminhac Chemistry Scholarship!🎉
Congratulations, Christine, to your first publication in ACS Energy Letters about the electrochemical halogenation of ethanol and its transformation to ethylene oxide in a single electrochemical cell!🎉
We welcome Chih-Jung (CJ) Chen as a new postdoc in our group! CJ is on the left of the photograph.
Welcome Lee Fuller, Meg Kelly, and Alex Zielinski to our group! 🎉 Check out their profiles under our group page.
Christine's unique path to our group has been highlighted in a recent news article by the College of Engineering. Check it out here!
Johnson Chen has joined the Schreier Group as our first postdoc. We're excited to have you here, Johnson!
Dr. Schreier has been selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering's 2021 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. Congratulations, what an honor! 🎉🎉
Taobo has been awarded the Hilldale Scholarship. Congrats, Taobo!!
Christine has received the NSF Fellowship. Congratulations, Christine! We look forward to your future work!
Congratulations to Teja for recieving the Roland A. Ragatz Undergrad Scholarship! 🎉
Congratulations to Christine for receiving the Roland A. Ragatz Discussion Award - First Place for her outstanding work as a TA! 🎉
Professor Schreier was named a Scialog Negative Emissions Science Fellow.
Professor Schreier was named the Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering.
Professor Schreier recived the EPFL ABB Award.
The College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison published a profile about our future group.
We are online! Check out our website and join our group! Write to!
Our research group is passionate about electrons and can't wait to use their potential to drive reactions. Check them out!
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